30th Year Anniversary: MOUAU Initiates Dr Michael Okpara Lecture Series, Celebrates Outstanding Staff Members

30th Year Anniversary: MOUAU Initiates Dr Michael Okpara Lecture Series, Celebrates Outstanding Staff Members

The Vice Chancellor of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, MOUAU, Professor Maduebibisi Ofo Iwe said his administration has done things differently by addressing uncompleted projects inherited and making frantic efforts to take the University to greater heights.

Professor Iwe flanked by other top management staff of the institution, Deans and Directors stated this during a press conference to mark the 30th year anniversary, Founders Day and maiden Dr Michael Iheonukara Okpara lecture series of the university.

Iwe said he has handled both economic and social wounds facing the citadel of learning by demonstrating his willingness to see a better university, rehabilitating their moribund laboratories and other centres to strengthen the capacity of the institution.

According to Professor Iwe, the institution was created to address the pressing challenges of food security and advance agricultural knowledge and related issues, emphasizing that previous administration and his own government have advanced the cause of establishing the institution.

He added that their commitment to academic excellence, research, innovation and community development remains steadfast.

While rolling out their successes, Professor Maduebibisi Iwe said one of their challenges was retaining the younger trainee staff who after benefiting from university sponsorship abroad, often retain their stay and decline to return to serve the institution.

He revealed that “paucity of funds has been a major brick wall which presents a critical need for substantial financial support to improve our environment. It is important to reiterate that our institution is one of those that commenced operations without an initial government grant, magnifying the urgency of funding. Compounded by our rural location, the provision of essential amenities is a daunting task, given the elevated costs associated with development in such settings. The state of our access roads remains a persistent concern that requires urgent attention”.
According to the vice chancellor, “We are still grappling with issues related to staff collaboration, including instances of sabotage from some members towards our programs and developmental endeavors. There is now a persistent challenge of retaining our younger trainee staff who after benefiting from university
sponsorship abroad, often severe their ties and decline to return to serve the institution. Another issue is poor leadership and mentorship from some senior staff members among others”.

Professor Iwe disclosed that the universe has a bond with those who travelled abroad to further their academics, adding that the national assembly is addressing the matter.

He stated that the university is working hard to address its challenges, and have problems with space, some disobedient staff.

Iwe warned staff who indulge in collecting bribes from students to desist, while appealing to parents to encourage their children to pay attention to their academic activities after paying their statutory fees. He re-assured that those who are found guilty of disobedience would be shown the way out.

The vice chancellor promised that the issue of result delay would be addressed within a short time. He said the budget for education has been declining, saying that the university is surviving with the help of their internationally generated revenue.

Iwe noted that if MOUAU is recognized as a landmark university, it can accommodate other courses. He promised that the universe will continue to support the ingenuity of Professor Ezeibe.

The University Don said the briefing also underscores their commitment to transparency, accountability, and a shared sense of achievement with the community they are mandated to serve.

Iwe pointed out that “over the past three decades, MOUAU has transformed from its humble beginnings into a beacon of academic excellence, research, innovation and committed development.

Therefore, he said “as we reflect on the 30th year anniversary, we must acknowledge the vision and dedication of our founding fathers, who set the university on its path to greatness”.

Professor Iwe maintained that this “anniversary is not just a celebration of time passed, but a testament to the unwavering commitment of all stakeholders, government, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and partners who have contributed to the growth and development of MOUAU”.

He said the university has evolved into a hub of knowledge creation, fostering cutting-edge research across various disciplines, and producing graduates who make meaningful contributions to society.

He continued “in conclusion, as we reflect on the past 30 years of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike’s journey, we acknowledge the challenges, celebrate the achievements, and look forward to a future marked by greater strides. Our commitment to academic excellence, research, innovation, and committed development remains steadfast. With dedicated staff, supportive partners, and a collective drive for progress, we are confident that the University’s impact will continue to grow.


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