Abia Must Shake off Burden of PDP Governance in 2023~Ononogbu

Abia Must Shake off Burden of PDP Governance in 2023~Ononogbu

I welcome all of us Abians and every resident of God’s Own State into this New Year 2023. It is a Year the Lord has made and we are, indeed, glad in it. Happy New Year.
We thank and appreciate the Almighty God immensely for seeing us through the outgone year with all its vicissitudes.

Ndi Abia, 2023 is not just another year. It portends positive change for us as a people. It is election year. It is the year of total liberation from the stifling bad governance that has kept our state in its present stagnation. Yes, we are on a journey to the Promised Land and our arrival date is 2023.

Abians, let us reflect on the situation of things in our dear state and count the distance we have been able to cover in terms of good governance and development. You will agree with me that very short distance has been covered after over 20 years in the present democratic dispensation that commenced in 1999.

We all can see and feel the appalling situation of things in every sector of Abia economy and social life. The evidences are glaring in the non-payment of workers salaries and allowances as well as the high death toll among retired workers who are forced into early graves due to backlogs of unpaid pensions and gratuities. Is it the health sector or the education sector that are fairing any better? Certainly not, as the rot had permeated every sector.

You and I know those responsible for this mess, the party that has been in power foisting bad leaders on Abia. That is why Abia has been reaping bad harvests in governance year after year. Our state resources are continually being mismanaged and pillaged by locusts in the garb of leaders who are bereft of wealth creation ideas.

Therefore, we need a change. This year, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) must be thrown out of Abia government house. We can make it possible by using our votes conscientiously in this year’s election. Abia can no longer afford to be saddled with the disastrous burden called PDP. THIS IS THE TIME TO SHAKE OFF THE BURDEN.

We in the APC have taken this resolve and we are fully prepared and committed to free Abia from the vicious grip of bad and greedy leaders that the ruling party has been foisting on the state. That is why Aba has been reaping bad harvests in governance year after year. But 2023 is going to be a year of real change, a year of the long expected good harvest.

I, therefore, enjoin all Abians and residents of this beautiful state to join the liberation movement being led by High Chief Ikechi Emenike, the Governorship Candidate of our great Party, APC. In him we have found a man with great passion and determination to make Abia really great. He is a development economist imbued with high intellect, managerial acumen, resourcefulness and the much needed local and international connections to get Abia moving on the right lane. In fact, Emenike knows the road that Abia should follow to achieve exponential development.

Ndi Abia, we must get it right in 2023. Among all the candidates presented by the political parties for the Abia governorship race, High Chief Ikechi Emenike towers above them all, whatever parameter, indices or yardstick we use in measuring them. Above all, he is the only one among them who has clean record. Most of the other candidates have in one way or the other soiled their hands by contributing to the rot in Abia having connived with the looters and participating in the looting splee that has kept Abia stagnant. So, don’t be deceived. Shine your eyes!
Emenike is our best choice to give Abia the spark it needs to shine brightest among the states in Nigeria.

If you have been sitting on the fence, feeling unconcerned about the happenings in Abia, please change your attitude and become a true patriot. Do this by getting involved in the ongoing efforts to rescue and develop Abia (RADA). We, as a people, are endowed by God Almighty with abundant human and natural resources and all we need is good leadership to turn things around for better in the State.

Let us take our destiny in our own hands by casting our votes for APC and usher in a New Abia of our dream in this New Year that has brought Abia on the threshold of change.
I make this clarion call with a sincerity of heart and immense love for peace and progress of our state and the well being of its inhabitants.


Dr Kingsley Ononogbu
Abia APC Chaiman


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