Corruption in Nigeria, Only Conscience Check can help us, Abians Reaction

Some Abians have reacted to the global Anti- corruption Coalition transparency International that, ranked Nigeria 154 most corrupt country in the world and also rated the second most corrupt country in West Africa.
Reacting to the report, Mr. Timothy and Mr. John Mba of world bank road Umuahia who spoke to National Watch expressed their dissatisfaction on the level of corruption in Nigeria. They also stated that, Federal government can not fight corruption because everyone seems to be corrupt starting from top.
John Mba stresses that, the fight on corruption should be everyone’s business and not one man’s business.
He pointed out that, the only way Nigerians can be free  from corruption is by having the conscious checked and intact. 
Mr. Timothy called on the government to come down to the grassroot and hear the cry of the people in order to reduce the rate of corruption in Nigeria by solving some of the issues that can lure them to corruption.

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