Nigeria @61, Egbu Expresses Dismay, Calls for National Conference

Ralph Egbu

Nigeria marks her independence celebration today. October 1st is one of Nigeria’s biggest holidays, with celebrations including fireworks and parades across the nation.
While the federal government will observe the day in Abuja, all the thirty six states governors are expected to observe the day in their respective states.
Nigerian independence day is celebrated annually on October 1st, to mark her independence from British colonial rule in 1960.
Speaking on Nigeria @ 61, a former secretary to Abia state government, Pastor Ralph Egbu called for a national conference where Nigerian leaders of sub-groups will seat and chart a vision for the country.
Pastor Egbu who interacted with National Watch X-rayed his feelings about security and governance as the country clocks 61.
Egbu pointed out that Nigeria came up with alot of hope which made other African countries to name it ‘Giant of Africa”, and supposed to be the eye and the christianization of the black world, but 61 years after, the country has remained a country with a clay fit, while the true modern nation thirty to forty years is not visible.
Pastor Egbu who served as commissioner in Abia state severally added that Nigeria has developed in negative, trying to compete with the western world, building roads it cannot maintain, ruining the educational sector, which does not represent the future of Nigeria. The community leader stressed that when a country does not have a vision, it would be difficult to know the direction to go.
According to him, the vision  needed to drive Nigeria’s development should include the process and standards, stressing that Nigeria has matured at the point to do away with mediocrity style of leadership.
The public affairs analyst said he is one of those who is disappointed, because he felt with the quality of human and natural resources in Nigeria, by now, the country ought to be a middle level nation like Bazil, South Korea, Singapore, etc but the country is not there.
Egbu posited that a round table conference involving all sub-groups should be called to dialogue and chart a new vision for Nigeria. He also emphasized that Nigeria needs 21st century leaders who must be properly educated, exposed, have records of achievements and not coming from one corner without proper vision.
Speaking with a member of Nigerian Institute of public Relations, Honourable Cletus Nwankwo who congratulates Nigeria at  61, added that the founding fathers of the Nation have good intentions which has been derailed by the people who inherited leadership.

Clerus Nwankwo

He further charged government to understand that all is not well in the nation, adding that stakeholders must come to the drawing board and chart a good course for  restoring the dignity of the nation as established by the founding fathers.

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