Obinna Don Norman’s Treatise of Covetous Obsession

A certain Obinna Don Norman, a negligible-weight politician in Abia State and political jobber of insatiable appetite has continued to expose himself as a failed political larva who cannot do without demonstrating his excessive obsessions for leaders who have achieved far more than what he can ever achieve in life.

How can a man who is chairman of a political party in Abia State which did not and can never produce a single elected official among all the many available be talking recklessly about another who has won election twice and become Speaker, the number three citizen of the state from 2019 – 2023?

The same Obinna Don Norman, the unscrupulous misfit and political urchin who threw caution to the wind and threw the gubernatorial candidate of his rag-tag party under the bus with reckless abandon in the run up to the last election, thereby costing his party, the ADC, whatever modicum of political value it had left, is talking about veterans whose boots he once licked with passion.

Obinna Don Norman is criticising the immediate past Speaker for approaching the courts over the outcome of the last Ikwuano-Umuahia Federal Constituency election as if that is an offence in any way. Conversely, this is the same Obinna who was restored as Chairman of the insignificant ADC by the courts after he was removed by party leaders and stakeholders for questionable activities. It was appropriate for him to run to the courts to seek their intervention then, but not good for someone else to do the same. What manner of hypocrisy!

All over the country, including Abia State, people of various political parties, including the Labour Party, are in different courts to seek their interventions over one electoral issue or the other, from State House of Assembly to even that of the President. So, why should that of the former Speaker of Abia State cause so much sorrow to a certain Don Norman?

I have ignored Obinna Don Norman for so long while he embarked on his accidented trajectory of vitriol, childish vituperation and infantile tantrums because I just could not see myself condescend so low as to be mentioning the name of the immediate past Speaker alongside his own in the same writing. That would amount to elevating the status of Don Norman to an undeserving height of stardom when he actually belongs to the gutters of obscurity.

But he should not take that kind gesture of silence for granted!


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