(Opinion) What is Holding The Proclamation of Abia 8th Assembly? By Enyioma Kanu

(Opinion) What is Holding The Proclamation of Abia 8th Assembly? By Enyioma Kanu

Abians have waited patiently for the proclamation by the Executive Governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti and the subsequent inauguration of the Abia 8th Assembly in tandem with the provisions of the constitution and in line with what is tenable in other States of the federation.

Following the end of the 7th Abia Assembly last week Friday, it is expected that the incumbent Governor, Dr. Otti will no doubt make a proclamation, ushering in the Abia 8th Assembly. Regrettably, this much expected proclamation is yet to happen.

Many political analysts in the state have given various reasons for the delay, while some accuse the Governor of plotting to impose a Speaker on the House, who will promote his whims and caprices. Others see it as a sign of weakness and a sign that he, Governor Otti was not prepared for Governance.

Whichever way it is viewed, it will be wise to remind the incumbent Governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti, that the FIFTH Alteration Act which was successfully signed into law on the 3rd of March, 2023, by former President Muhammadu Buhari stands and is in full operation now. For supremacy, all actions pertaining the inaugural sitting of the 8th Abia State House of Assembly must be subjected to the relevant provisions of the law.

The FIFTH ALTERATION) (No.8), should be the only guideline in inaugurating the 8th Abia Assembly as history will not be kind to anyone who scuttles the standing rule in inaugurating the Assembly. Other states in the federation that followed due process in inauguration their State Assemblies did not come from another planet. They are still products of Nigeria.

It should also be stated here, that the long silence of the Executive arm of Government in the State, is no longer golden. Abians deserve a transparent administration going forward.

As done in Enugu State which will be inaugurating their 8th Assembly today June 13th, 2023 by 10am according to a statement signed by the Clerk of the House/Head of Legislative Service, Dr Emma Udaya, Abia State should follow suit and not inaugurate the House without proper notification by the Clerk, Sir John Pedro Irokansi (Ph.D).

Abia cannot afford to be on the news again for the wrong reason. We mustn’t be synonymous with negativity. It is incumbent on the Chief Executive of the State, Dr. Alex Otti to borrow a clue from Enugu State House of Assembly, Anambra that did theirs yesterday among others. He has long claimed to be a technocrat who follow laid down rules before acting.

Therefore, I remind him that The FIFTH ALTERATION) (No.8), should be the only guideline in inaugurating the 8th Abia Assembly. Abia should not be dragged back to the dark days of military juntas, we have grown as a people and we are watching keenly.

Long live Abia State, Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria


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