The Returnee, who ran away from the police five years ago following his alleged involvement in bisexual activities in Nigeria has been arrested by security operatives in Nigeria following a tip off from a whistleblower.

He was arrested a couple of weeks,after relocating from Lagos to Abia state when he arrived from Canada.He ran away five years back, following his apprehension by security operatives.

The man, whose name was given as Onwubiko Vincent Reagan will be facing two count charges of evasion from justice, as well as charges of bisexual activities, an offence for which he was earlier accused of when he ran away.constitutionally viewed as a heinous crime in Nigeria.

It was learnt that he will be taken to a court of competent jurisdiction for trial following the above mentioned alleged crimes, and if found guilty, may be committed to a jail sentence ranging from 10 to 14 years imprisonment.

He is said to be awaiting trial, being detained in one of the most deplorable cells following the strike action that has persisted at the Ministry of Justice in Abia for over one month now.

It has however not been ascertained whether the alleged offence is a bail able, as moves are being made to rescue him from the dungeon of the criminals who abound the cell where he is being kept.

An Abia based Legal luminary, Barr.Okey Kanu, of Okey Kanu & Co. Legal practitioners, from Great Overcomers Chambers, who threw more light on the alleged

offence told newsmen in Umuahia that engaging in bisexual activities in Nigeria attracts jail terms ranging from 10 to 14years, adding that the punishment is constitutional, as it is viewed that such measures will establish a society that is acceptable to the citizenry as far as Africa and Nigeria is concerned.

According to him, those who engage in bisexual activities like homosexual, lesbianism and the likes are viewed from a different perspective and treated as people running counter to the law of the land, hence the long jail term.

However, concerned friends of Onwubiko are expressing fears that he may contact what can be described as terminal ailment if nothing is done fast to separate him from other criminals that abound the security cell, which lack of medical and other attentions that should be extended to those inside cells. END


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