Senator Achonu, Imo LP Guber Candidate Celebrates Peter Obi at 62

Senator Achonu, Imo LP Guber Candidate Celebrates Peter Obi at 62

Today, July 19, 2023, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party LP of Nigeria, celebrates his 62nd birthday and as to be expected, an avalanche of warm, passionate, sincere and motivational felicitations, have been pouring from men and women of all hues, peers and contemporaries, admirers and critics from virtually all corners of the world.

It is indeed amazing and even mind boggling, to reflect on the universal appeal, acceptance, admiration, endorsement and collective goodwill which Mr. Obi has garnered and attracted since he joined our Labour Party to contest the Nigerian presidential election on February, 25, 2023.

The reflection of this overwhelming national approval of his candidature not only manifested in the emergence of the magnetically organic Obidients movement in the run up to the elections, but was conclusively exhibited in the genuine results that tumbled out unbelievably, from one state to another, in all the positions that were contested for during the elections, as the collation and counting of votes were concluded.

Majority of Nigerians are very excited about the national awareness and consciousness which Peter Obi’s brave, courageous and inspirational presence at the polls have ignited and enflamed in an otherwise non-committal and even docile population in election matters. This excitement is already engendering a more curious, inquisitive and participatory involvement from the masses.

The universal recognition and acclaim which have continued to greet and embrace Mr. Peter Obi, even after the elections attest to the fact that he has become emblematic of a latent yearning and desire by many Nigerians for a better and more functional country in addressing and providing solutions to the needs of the people.

The support for Peter Obi is deeply entrenched in the faith people have consciously and subconsciously reposed in his ability to deliver as a leader, a country that works for its citizens, provide the much needed succour for the down-trodden and build our collective confidence, not only in our abysmally dysfunctional institutions and establishments, but most importantly, in our unity as a country

Peter Obi’s unique attribute as a humane, pragmatic and simple human being who is always willing and eager to talk to almost anyone if it will enhace a better society is legendary. He has been able to convince many Nigerians that we must see and relate with ourselves as people and not measure our human value in material terms.

Peter Obi is consistent, his belief in certain ideas and ideals have been transmitted to people in such a manner that requires collective participation instead of autocratic and dictatorial fiat.

Many have already described him as, firm in conviction, compassionate, honesty self effacing, especially in his simplicity to acknowledge his mistakes and flaws knowing that nobody is perfect and as a man whose kindness is unconditional.

Peter Obi, you have inspired a new generation of thought leadership and excellence in Nigeria’s political landscape. Your devotion, commitment to good governance and dedication to creating a new Nigeria is inspiring. You are indeed the face of the new Nigeria. The embodiment of hope, honesty and selfless service.

As we celebrate your 62nd Birthday we pray that the good Lord will continue to guide your steps, enrich you with greater wisdom, protect you in all your endeavors and by His special Grace, manifest into reality that which many Nigerians are hoping and yearning for.
Happy birthday Your Excellency.


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