The leadership of the Young Progressives Party in Abia State have received the unfortunate outburst of the relegated People’s Democratic Party’s Vice Chairman who now acts as Publicity Secretary of the Party, one Mr. Amah Abraham who preaches an imaginary 5 over 5 for PDP after excluding Alhaji Atiku Abubakar the presidential candidate of their party in the 2023 general elections predicament an uncontrollable hypocrisy that inadvertently makes the situation worse for the Abia PDP.

Amah in his frenzy to showcase his incurable mouthulcer has continued to shoot himself in the foot in a fruitless bid to get over the overwhelming acceptance and organic support enjoyed by the Ypp Abia State and its consequential electoral troubles for the poor performing PDP led Abia State Government.

It is not surprising that Dr. Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso, the Deputy Governorship Candidate our great party in Abia State has become the new nightmare of the PDP, a party that has burnt its goodwill and social capital on the altar of shameful stewardship which accounts for the impoverishment of our people with an excruciating record of abysmal decadence and maladministration.

In the recent past if Abraham Amah the award winning rabble rouser, is not found idly writing and publishing meaningless press statements, he is busy telling the Abia populace that their party’s gubernatorial candidate is trailing behind others in an online poll that clearly shows disparaging disapproval of PDP by the electorates and a wide acceptablity for the YPP. The reason is not farfetched any process the PDP cannot compromise, to their mind is not trustworthy or the umpires are against PDP. But the bitter truth is that the YPP and its candidates, beyond the fickle of PDP’s many years of deceit, have earned the trust and love of the electorates and have shown that when given the mandate in 2023, will deliver the dividends of democracy to the people, this stack reality is the most dreaded undoing of the PDP.

The Young Progressives Party enjoys the exclusive privilege of fielding the only result and people oriented gubernatorial candidate and running mate for the 2023 general elections who emerged through a healthy competitive primary that has encouraged internal democracy in our party. Little wonder the wide spread welcome of the YPP across the nucks and crannies of Abia State. In the last 3 weeks, available evidence shows that it is only the YPP that has been campaigning for votes and support in the 17 LGAs of our state and the visible question for Amah is: What has happened to the PDP gubernatorial campaign that was flagged off on November 24, 2022 ?

In all sincerity, PDP as a Party is living in denial and are doing all they can to readily blindfold Abians in an impossible attempt to stroll back to power in 2023. But the good news is that Abians are now wiser and will never allow a political party that has since its inception brought nothing but pain and anguish to them to clinch unto power perpetually.

At this moment, what the PDP should be doing is thanking Dr. Desmond Chima Anyaso the YPP Deputy Governorship candidate for forcing them to send out Okey Igwe, their unpopular running mate whose profile includes serial procurement of positions, to several media stations to copy the articulate and erudite Dr. Chima Anyaso who in the last 14 years has given free education through a dedicated school built for the less privileged, and established numerous ventures that employs hundreds of Abians and continues to provide scholarship, qualitative community and humanitarian services to the people of Abia through patriotic philanthropy as a private individual managing his own business without government patronage or support over a reasonable period of time.

Amah should tell us how many PDP emergency millionaires pays their domestic staff salaries before the 27 of evey month in the last 7 years not to talk of the staff of the various of government offices they occupy without productivity, how many of them can out numbered the sterling records of Ofuji as a disciplined manager of men and resources? None…! Chima Anyaso will continue to occupy the prime position in the apprehensive attention of the PDP’s chequered memory until the are ousted from power unceremoniously because their time is up.

The YPP as a political party will not relent in discharging our civic responsibility of educating the electorates and enhancing the political culture in Abia by holding the PDP accountable. There’s no gain saying that fact that the duo of Engr, Sir. Enyinnaya Chima Nwafor, KSC (Nana). and Dr. Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso (Ofuji) are far more prepared and better positioned for the erroneous assignment of restoring Abia to itself lost glory and to set it on the path good governance.Therefore Amah and his unrepentant PDP co travellers should burry their heads in shame and get ready to face the worse rejection of their lives in 2023 as Abians can no longer be deceived by their over used and obsolete election tactics.

The PDP should instead of romancing their ill fated party with the unattainable fantasy of an imaginary victory appreciate the honest advice given to them freely by the YPP Deputy Governorship Candidate and start packing their luggage in preparation for their compulsory exit from Government House Umuahia and all other positions of public trust which they currently occupy.

It is not surprising that the PDP are afraid going to the grassroots campaign to Abians because they have no record of service to present to the people who they have raped with frustration and hopeless denial of basic infarastructure and provision of social amenities because they feel that government is a joke but government is not a stage for comedy it is an avenue for serious business where leadership drives progress and prosperity.

YPP will never take Abia as a joke we are a decent party that have respect for its citizens and obeys its rules and regulations. We are not a lawless party that imposes candidates on the people through compromised processes that lords evil decisions over the popular choice and will of party members like it is the custom in PDP.

Our Gubernatorial primary and all of our primaries were contested under very high democratic standards in keeping with the Nigerian Electoral Act and exant INEC regulations and in pursuit of our party’s constitution just like in other positions in our Party but the only proof that the PDP possess as an insensitive party can been found in their careless description of the Ward to Ward Tour of the YPP which has engaged Abians from all works of life in their localities by Amah as a show of noise making when neither he or his party have called any meeting, campaign or gathering for their governorship candidate who is missing in action since November 24 2022 when he finished into tin air probably in the believe that the government house will be delivered to him wherever he is as a gift on a platter of gold without contest as his entitlement. The only delusional presence of the PDP in Abia is their irresponsible abandonment of aged pensioners and civil servants who have been denied their pension, gratuities and salaries. Their only stewardship is the sack of 5000 SEMB staff and over 5000 staff of LGSC amongst whom they have sent to an untimely death with many suffering under abject poverty. What can be more funnier a skit than the fact that the Abia State Government runs from a rented apartment since its creation 31 years ago or should we clap for the PDP for delivery of the much talked about Enyimba Economic City, Nibra Shoe Cluster, the New Government House, Abia Airport, Ariaria International Market, Portharcourt Road, Obohia Road, Ohanku Road and Ifeobra Storm Water Control projects whose deadlines have been several given that are now standing against PDP as negative testimonials of their failure and deceit. Or which other performance can be quoted in the 17 LGAs of Abia State than the debts of wages owed local government workers, primary school teachers and the hospital management system.

Can Amah in all honesty tell us what has happened to Enasco Shoe Factory in Aba or can he as the spokesman of the party in power approach any hospital in Abia State to treat his mouth cancer using the nonexistent dial a doc direct card initiative of his party or can he recommend any member of his family to be treated by the absent health workers at abia owned general and teaching hospitals.
These woeful scorecard is the state of Abia under PDP and should occupy his imagination while he hallucinates the end of his party. The electoral value of Dr. Chima Anyaso cannot be determined by an appointed stooge of PDP whose only credential is to sing the praises of a failed government alienated from the wishes, aspirations and needs of the citizenry.

Our hope for the restoration of Abia State in 2023 does not anchor in the predictions of a Local Government Deputy Chairman but on God who rules the affairs of men and Who in His time will ultimately direct the people of Abia to vote for the right candidates in 2023 with their PVCS.

The PDP must begin to realise that their time is up and that no matter how hard they try or wish to rig in 2023, the elections will only be won and lost on the dispassionate assessment of the personality, credibility, competence, capabilities, integrity and character of the individuals contesting by the electorates and that is all that matters to YPP.

Nobody will cow our party or any of our candidates to keep silent in face of evil and oppression while our dearly beloved Abia State rots in the corrupt hands of PDP whose only agenda is to underdevelop and stagnate the growth of our people.

Amah should not rejoice for too long that his party, the PDP is enjoying the favour of a temporary judiciary outcome until the appeal proceedings hanging on the neck of his party and most of their unpopular candidates are determined with finality.

The only policy the PDP should be developing now is how to dismantle its historic strength of rigging election, manipulating people to dispossess them of their fortunes and mismanaging the mandate of the masses as that era is now in the past.

The popularity of YPP is divine and organic, it is not induced or influenced by materiality it is natural and does not need the mention of the PDP to endure. To think that a fraudulent party like PDP that reaps people off their hard earned resources and life investment will resort to calling a decent and resourcesful business man like Chima Anyaso strange names is to say the least very absurd as Abians already know the real political swindlers.

Any body who sees the YPP Deputy Governorship Candidate, a 7 feet gaint and calls him lilliput is either grossly ill informed or hopelessly naive as every right thinking persons in Abia clearly understands that the only party that is stunted in growth and represents everything that is short is Amah’s PDP which is suffering from a dangerous specie of political loneliness that destroys the historical memory of their abysmal political identity as failures.

Abians know that the only tower over the statures of the Abia PDP gubernatorial candidate and his running mate candidate is the systematic destruction of all the previous institutions they held sway which is a far cry to the excellent private service and management records of the YPP Gubernatorial team mate. It is also common knowledge to Abians that the YPP Governorship candidate is the only one who has over 90% his investments in Abia State and have given back to society through so many social outreach and humanitarian services and promises to bring that passionate patriotism to bear in the governance of Abia when elected in 2023.

The Abia PDP frenzy about YPP is unarguably an incurable ailment but no one or group of individuals will be allowed to undermine the chances of our party to take back our state from the hands of this PDP oppressive rulers as we concert efforts with all Abians to utilise our only enormous strength and capacity – the people who we want to serve to push PDP permanently away from public office.

We therfore call on all well meaning Abians to relate with the beautiful and inspiring message of YPP and unite with all our progressives candidates of our dear state across the state not minding our faith and creed to rescue, rebuild, restore and develop the better Abia of our dreams which will be made possible by the special grace of God as we collectively return power to the people and begin a new regime that will serve the Abia people to glory of God.

Thank you.

Hon. Bestman Eruba, Esq.
(Ogele Obingwa)
State Publicity Secretary, Young Progressives Party,
Abia State.


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