We have hope 2023 will favour us positively~Etigwe Uwa

We have hope 2023 will favour us positively~Etigwe Uwa

A chieftain of the All Progressives Grand Alliance who is an aspirant in the 2023 Governorship election in Abia State, Etigwe Uwa SAN, has encouraged Abians to look forward to a better 2023 and forget the pains and challenges of 2022.

He made this statement in his New Year message to Abians. Etigwe said that 2023 is a year when Abians would witness a restoration of its glory and thereafter Abia will flourish. He lamented the hardship and suffering Abians have experienced in the last two decades as a result of maladministration and poor governance.

He stated that Abians must in 2023 take their destinies in their own hands by going out to vote for credible leaders and ensuring that their votes count. He stated that it is only by deliberate and concerted action on the part of Abians that positive change in their circumstances can occur. He decried the recurring pattern of leadership selection in the state through the anointing of the incumbent. He declared that the usurpation by the incumbents of the power of the people to select who governs them is going to pass with the passing of the past year. He warned that the citizens have a role to
Play in the abolition of the role of self imposed Kingmakers in the state who have not allowed the state to breath for many years.

“The new year marks a new beginning and Abians should brace up and be determined to usher in a new era of posterity progress and development. It’s no longer acceptable to sit on the fence. Abians need affirmative action in charting the course of a new Abia. As Abians resolve to create a better state, our corporate resolution would produce the kind of transformation we all dream of. May the year bring joy, happiness and elevation to all Abians in particular and all Nigerians in general.”

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria said that although darkness has tarried, morning with its fresh dew and brightness is about to break.He urged Abians to open up their minds and accept the impending new dawn in Abia State as they make the right choices in the new year.

“Our choices in the forthcoming election will go a long way in giving us an Abia we all will be proud of.”

He said that economic hardship is a result of bad leadership, hence the desire for a better life should propel Nigerians and Abians to vote in leaders who would understand the assignment.

“The economic hardship today is a direct consequence of bad leadership. I urge Nigerians and Abians especially, to vote wisely in 2023 and enthrone good leaders who would positively impact upon the state.”

Etigwe is said to be the front runner in the race for APGA ticket in respect of the 2023 Governorship Election following the judgement of the Federal High Court Abuja which ordered his party to conduct a fresh primaries for the election.


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