2023: APGA Chieftain, Lady Angela Johnson Declares To Run for President

                Lady Angela Johnson

A Presidential aspirant from Abia State, Lady Angela Johnson says the Nigerian tumoil started when the people’s democratic party, PDP was in power since 1999. She expressed shock that APC which championed to fight corruption could not do anything as promised.
Lady Johnson made the remarks at APGA secretariat in Umuahia, while declaring her intension to contest for 2023 president under the platform of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA.
According to her, men have falied the country, therefore, people like her with proven integrity that have ran a successful business in Umuahia at 71 Lagos street Umuahia, and as a family counseling expert has what it takes to revive Nigeria.
Lady Johnson, who is also a philanthropist, assured Abians and Nigerians at large that having travelled far and wide, lived in the United Kingdom for many years, she will tackle the pressing issues facing Nigerians. She promised to restore security in Nigeria by adopting modern technics, empower the security agents and pledged to use  state police to arrest security lapses in the country.
She called on Nigerians especially the male politicians to consider women this time, insisting that she has the charisma to address and revive Nigeria Airways, Nigeria National Patroleum Company to mention but a few that have gone comatose.
She pointed out that insecurity may be hard to tackle if the leaders fail to revive the moribund companies scattered all over the nation that provide jobs for people.
Lady Johnson lamented that Nigeria healthcare system is nothing to write home about, which is so embarrassing and dropped a rhetoric question, ‘where did human right law went to in Nigeria”.
She therefore called on Nigerians to give women like her the chance to lead, with a firm promise not to disappoint Nigerians.
She said, “my presidential move was born out of God’s message to me to run”.
“It is a pity that alot of young men and women are languishing in the village without any job” she frowned that politicians will always hod money, starve people  and them out to buy people’s vote”.
In his speech, Abia State chairman of APGA, Rev Augustine Ehimere said APC and PDP have falied Nigerians and the only opportunity and hope to restore Nigeria is APGA. Ehimere maintained that APGA is the only party that will stand tall to rescue Nigeria.
While appreciating Lady Johnson for her boldness to be the President of Nigeria, urged her not to be discouraged even with the storm on her way.
He told Nigerians to try the manifesto of APGA and disclosed that Angela’s declaration is a challenge to other women who wish to join politics.
According to Ehimere, what Abia State is passing through now in terms of bad leadership, was what Anambra people saw and God used APGA to restore Anambra State.

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