Abia PDP, Running Govt of The More You Look, The Less You See: Ehimere

Abia State chairman of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA Rev Augustine Ehiemere says none payment of pensioners in Abia State, does not mean anything to Abia State government and the governor, as against his claim of not owing pensioners. 
Ehimere said the governor should tell the whole world why pensioners are being owed so much. 
Ehimere in a statement he issued to newsmen in Umuahia, said PDP in Abia State is running what he titled “a government of “the more you look the less you see” and a party where everybody must concur with its alleged evil machination else you are humiliated, even when you are saying the truth. 
He cited the recent removal of Senator Adolphus Wabara as the Pro-Chancellor of Abia State University, Uturu as one of such arbiters, adding that Wabara’s offence was the prophetic release of APGA‘s mass movement in Abia State which every right thinking Abian should recognize. 
Ehiemere also alleged that there are clear evidences that Abians are tired of PDP; stressing that even those in PDP are becoming prophetic about the conduct of the state led PDP government. 
The APGA state chairman said no one could have believed all the noise about Ohanku road, Obohia road, Port Harcourt road, Faulks road etc all in Aba, still remain the way they were many months ago. Ehimere noted that a little drop of rain last week has exposed all the tricks of PDP, while going to Ariaria International market, Aba, through whatever direction is another midnight tale, which was a road rehabilitated few months ago and has gone worse than it was because of shoddy deals.
His words, “A government rooted and clothed in lies does not see anything wrong with deceiving the people; a stock in trade of PDP”.
“It is very funny that no elected local government Chairman cannot embark on any project, because their allocations are being siphoned from the source. Rather than face reality,the governor has recruited thousands of SAs, SSAs and PAs, to continue singing the inglorious Hallelujah Chorus”.
Ehimere pointed out that the House of Assembly which ought to have checkmate the executive arm is filled with alleged semi-illiterate and they are not doing the state any good. 
He continued “a house that cannot stand up  and condemn what the executive arm is doing is a puppet. A state does not see anything wrong with having a heap of refuge along Enugu- Port Harcourt Express way, specifically at Ihe, where the state is using as a dumping site and the filth has encroached and claimed the express way. The State is Filth-Friendly that is why it does not care”.
According to him, the people of Ukwa have cried out over the continued neglect of their area. It is regrettable that Ukwa East and West that lay the golden egg, have no passable road. What they have just witnessed is the relocation of abattoir to Ukwa, that has caused so much mayhem to the people Those representing this axis are dormant, right from Hon. Uzoma Abonta at the Federal House of Representatives, Taribo, and Adiele in the State House of Assembly.These people always claim they are doing empowerment, who are they  empowering?.
“God fatherism should be killed in Abia state for the state to free itself from the shackles of imposition for which PDP is known for.
Ahead of the 2023 elections in Abia State, Abians should employ all forms of mechanisms to ensure  that the party that has brought ruins in Abia State is routed out. Abians should embrace APGA in its bid to change the face of Abia State”.

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