Desecration & Pathetic story about Stanley Emezieke

Desecration & Pathetic story about Stanley Emezieke

Seven years after he was chased away from his community, Umuoma in Ihite Uboma local council area of Imo State for engaging in alleged homosexuality. The whereabouts of one Stanley Emezieke is still unknown, even as it is being speculated that he may have killed himself, shortly after he was disgraced out of that community.

Emezieke was apprehended by local security agents at midnight during a ceremony when he was found having sex with his friend and who has been at large since the incident in 2016.

He was tried by the elders in council who banished him from the community for that offence, considered as heinous,while the traditional ruler of Umuoma and his Eze in council had authenticated as well as endorsed the judgement handed down to him.

It was learnt that while this was happening, his wife who was living with him in Umuahia the state capital of Abia on getting wind of the disgraceful act as well as judgement threatened to file for divorce.

His elderly father who tried all within his reach to get him off the hook during his trial by the traditional council according to reports, has been badly affected by the disappearance of his son, who has remained without reach all these years.


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