Don’t create tension with your contents, Nigerian Army advises social media users

Don’t create tension with your contents, Nigerian Army advises social media users

The General Officer Commanding 82 Division Nigerian Army, Enugu, Major General Hassan Taiwo Dada said the social media seminar held in Aba which involves media workers and youths was designed to promote military operation for effective service delivery.

Dada stated this during the 33rd Nigerian Army Social Media Seminar held in Aba on the theme, “Enhancing National Security Through The Responsible Use of Social Media”.

Dada sated that the seminar was organized by the Nigerian Army to provide veritable platform to keep the public abreast of its activities which are geared towards the national security. He added that the seminar also serves as a forum to hear from the society and create a way forward.
Dada described the theme “Enhancing National Security Through The Responsible Use of Social Media” as apt and assured that the outcome will assist them to consolidate on their operationalization team work of Aba in particular and south east in general. He pointed out that it is pertinent to state that social media platform has become an important tool in shaping the security environment of any society, therefore, the misuse of any social media platforms for the dissemination of injurious content can lead to devastating impact on the society.

In his welcome address, the Chief of Civil Military Affairs, Nosa Ugbo represented by the Director Psychological Operation, Bregadier General Bola Keji said these initiatives are in line with the Nigerian Army’s principle of shared responsibility for national security, highlighting the need for public support to ensure safety and security in Nigeria. Ugbo added that these initiatives are also in line with the Chief of Army Staffs Command Philosophy to transform the Nigerian Army into a well-trained, equipped and highly motivated force towards achieving their constitutional responsibilities within a joint environment”.
According to the senior officer, the Nigerian Army is committed to providing security in support of civil authority and safeguarding Nigeria’s territorial integrity. Thus, the collective effort towards a peaceful and secure Nigeria, where socio-economic progress can flourish.
Ugbo insisted that this Nigerian Army Social Media Seminar is a key part of their outreach and engagement strategy to inform and educate the public about the Nigerian Army’s efforts to maintain peace and security in Nigeria.

Ugbo further disclosed that Nigerian Army also holds media discussions and human rights seminars for journalists and advocates, as well as sensitization workshops for its personnel to ensure compliance with both domestic and international best practices.

In her paper presentation, Dr Ehiz Odigie who spoke on topic, “Curtailing negative content on social Media”said negative stories fly online because bad news travels faster, has shorter attention span, information overload, while people are wanting to break the internet. She pointed out that bad news fly faster because some people like promoting scandal.
Dr Odigie noted that social media has made some people to be desensitized, spicing lies, transfer of aggression, and emotional outburst and misplaced emotion.
According to her, some people come to social media to educate and entertain, stressing that the Internet does not forget, Odigie added that people need to understand the mentality of others to avoid careless comment that attract sanctions. She observed that a careless post can make a community catch fire, therefore, Dr Odigie advised people to remember that they are stakeholders in the society, bearing in mind that what consume others can also consume them. She encouraged people to chose their words, maintain sanity online and not to create fear.

In the second paper presentation captioned “Fake News on Social Media and it’s Effects on National Security” Professor Joshua Ogbonna from Department of Geography, Abia State University Uturu, urged the public as well as media workers to do away with manipulated content and fake news. He said social media has distracted a lot of youths, even at the time of sleep and expose some to online bullying.

Professor Ogbonna also called for fact checking on online information, adding that fake news has negative impacts on national security.
While defining national security which is associated with peace, making of progress with security agencies, Professor Ogbonna described the public as agents of the security. He maintained that the security agents perform based on the information they acquire from the public.
National Watch captured that the seminar which attracted senior Army officer, as well as other security agents, featured presentation of certificates to participants.


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