*One Year On: Why Abia State Government Should Imortalize Ossy Prestige*

              Late Ossy Prestige

On April 24th 2021, what many felt was a dream proved to be real. One of Abia’s finest sons and philanthropist, Hon. Ossy Prestige was laid to rest. Truly, the people’s man had gone to rest and there was no more doubt about it, a charismatic man had gone home. 
One year after, his memory has not faded from the minds of those who love him. He had unconditional love from the people and political or ethnic affiliation was not a barrier, he was indeed a shining light in Abia. It is due to this premise that the state government should do something spectacular to keep Ossy Prestige’s memory in the hearts of Abians.
It is one year on and the State Government has not done anything to remember him. This means a lot to the public because Ossy Prestige was a man who they so admired . He was and is still the name on everyone’s lips as his philanthropy cannot be forgotten by the people who he touched their lives positively; from the free school bus, the rehabilitation of rural and urban roads to the financial and economic help he provided to Abians, especially those in Aba. Not leaving out his duties as a lawmaker.
It is against this backdrop that the Abia State Government should recognise and keep his memory alive by naming a project after him. A popular road could be named after him,  the Abia State Polytechnic, The School of Health or any other project at all.
This means a lot to the people as we remember the demise of a man who meant so much to them, a man who rejoices and mourns with them, a man who rose to a high position from among them and who had nothing to do with prejudice.
When we do not recognize our past heroes, we would lose our history and that would have a bad effect on current or aspiring heroes. The up-and-coming heroes would not been encouraged because past heroes were not honoured, and this could deprive parents the opportunity to tell their children about heroes who played a part in their existence
This would be a consolation to the public and the project would always remind  young and old the importance of making positive impact in the lives of people around us.
The recognition will also stand as a beacon to all politicians across political parties, reminding them that service to the people should be priority in any political endeavor and that political parties are vehicles to power, not hindrance to peace among brothers. These are what Ossy Prestige showed in his lifetime and this endeared him to people. A people-loving government would keep the man whom the people loved, alive in their memory. 
Ossy’s legacies live on, his love for his people, his reliability, his honesty, his love for peace and his humility, these all live on. It is time for the Abia State Government to play their part–to name a project after the man whom the people loved.
Nna Henry Ngenyechike
SSA on Media and Publicity to late Hon. Ossy Prestige

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