The attention of the Centre for Excellence and Performance in Governance, CEPG, has been drawn to the disparaging and shambolic submissions made by one non existent and faceless ‘Amalgamated Igbo Youth Progressive Forum’, a ragtag paper weight, contesting the the decision of the ruling All Progressives Congress decision, pencilling down Representative Benjamin Kalu , the Spokesperson of the 9th National Assembly for the position of the Deputy Speaker of the 10th Assembly and wishes to state as follows:

  1. For upstarts, there is what is called and known as Party Supremacy as it is within the rights of the ruling Party to nominate and submit names of it’s proven, tested and trusted Partymen for positions in Parliament and enjoins the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) not to submit to vituperations and naterings of invidiously cancerous and filthy lucre induced blackmail of luciferious entities and non existent ‘groups’;
  2. It is well known that politicians from Benjamin Kalu’s Abia State and Bende Federal Constituency are behind this faceless group, for the singular fact that they want to be seen and heard as the only cock that crows in Abia State, hence the consistency in the release of non effective venom on the person and character of Representative Benjamin Kalu;
  3. Hypocrisy is the only reason a ragtag ‘group’ would have to summon deflated courage to say that Benjamin Kalu is not known in Igbo land and would not represent the interest of the South East in partisan and national affairs as we shall not condescend to their gutter shenanigans but if they need education on who Benjamin Kalu is, we shall avail them of such, with ultimate satisfaction, stating further that their collective vomit in the name of name calling, not only oozes of putridity but full of bunkum and dead on arrival;
  4. It is an insult on the All Progressives Congress for this devilish group to tend to tow the line of propaganda, mudslinging and horse trading against the Spokesperson of the 9th Assembly, who has received both national and international accolades for the excellent discharge of his duties, in and out of Parliament, which has been applauded globally. Little wonder the Holy Writs posited that ‘a prophet has no honour in his land’, though there is a reversal, divinely orchestrated that BENJAMIN KALU has the blessings of his people, who unanimously elected him, unlike his traducers who disenfranchised persons across Abia North Senatorial District, with over 100 polling units affected and in an election, the implications of votes not coming from over a 100 units can be damning;
  5. That Ohaneze Ndi Igbo must be wary of mischievous charlatans who drag the name of Ndi Igbo into their campaign of infamy all because of the hate and sheepish phobia, concocted lies against Benjamin Kalu as orchestrated by their deflated, disloyal and demystified pay-master(s);
  6. The APC, having toed the line of diligence, fair play, national cohesion and adhesion, healing and all inclusiveness must not allowed itself to be cajoled by the vituperations of this senseless group and stand by its decision, and does not owe anyone or persons any apologies for the nomination of Representative Benjamin Kalu for the position of Deputy Speaker;
  7. Benjamin Kalu has demonstrated loyalty, absolutely, to the Party as his tenacious contributions to the inroads made by the APC in the South East is in public domain;
  8. That the APC know those who demarketed and fielded Candidates against the Party in the South East and Abia State in particular, even in Gubernatorial, Federal and State Legislature elections, as records do not lie;
  9. That among the very few shining lights of the APC in the South East, Representative Benjamin Kalu is the ‘primus inter pares’, who spent enormous resources raising the bar and flag of the Party in Ala Igbo when others scampered in cowardice. Evidences abound;
  10. The intelligence and sagacity of the APC, after carefully scrutinizing all the Members-Elect for the 10th Assembly, in view of the leadership of the said House must not be insulted;
  11. That Benjamin Kalu has chosen not to join issues with anyone does not mean he does not know who his traducers are, but has decided to focus more on national integration, development and fostering coexistence in Nigeria, rather than dwell in egotistic pursuit of vainglorious tendencies, which are inconsistent with the tenets of Democracy;
  12. That Benjamin Kalu is not and would not be anyone’s problem, rather an ambassador of peace but if anyone choses to continue in the inglorious path of deciet, should be reminded that lies can only endure for the moment but when the truth sprouts forward, all manners of misdemeanor shall hide it’s face in shame.

May the blessings be.

Centre for Excellence and Performance in Governance CEPG.


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