UN Chief Calls on Govts @ All Levels to Respect The Rights of Journalists

The United Nations has called on various governments to respect the rights and protect journalists and media workers in their respective countries.
UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, made the call in his message to commemorate this year’s World Press Freedom Day tagged ‘journalism under digital siege’.
He stressed the need to shine a spotlight on the essential work of journalists and other media workers who seek transparency and accountability from those in power, often at great personal risk.
“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many media workers have been on the frontlines, providing accurate, science-based reporting to inform decision-makers and save lives,” Guterres said. “At the same time, journalists who cover climate, biodiversity, and pollution have succeeded in bringing global attention to this triple planetary crisis.
“But the threats to the freedom of journalists and media workers are growing by the day. From global health to the climate crisis, corruption, and human rights abuses, they face increased politicisation of their work and attempts to silence them from many sides.
“Digital technology has democratised access to information. But it has also created serious challenges. The business models of many social media platforms are based not on increasing access to accurate reporting, but on increasing engagement – which often means provoking outrage and spreading lies.”
According to the UN scribe, media workers in war zones are threatened not only by bombs and bullets but by the weapons of falsification and disinformation that accompany modern warfare.
He worried that such persons could be attacked as the enemy, accused of espionage, detained, or killed, simply for doing their jobs.

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