Uche Ogah’s Desperation: What The General Public Must Know

It has come to our notice that Uche Ogah’s desperation for governorship ticket that has already eluded him is assuming dangerous dimensions. In a rather mischievous statement  now in public domain Ogah and his gang of political desperados have once again indulged in distorting facts and misreprenting Judicial pronouncements. 
A statement in reference titled, “Important Public Enlightenment” is a voyage of deceit intended to confuse and mislead Ndi Abia and the general Nigerian public. But we can’t let them have their way and feed the public with poisonous diet of concocted lies, hence we hereby made the following clarifications:
1. Uche Ogah’s desperation has reached an inglorious  crescendo where he is now dragging to his arena of perfidy the name of one of the finest and highly respected judges to have come out of Abia. Not a surprise. As a  drowning politician Ogah is clutching at anything he considers a straw.  The sanctity of the Bench does not matter to him. Ironically, this is a man who has filed 12 suits in different courts on the same issue in search of his elusive reliefs.
2. On the issue of the suit filed by High Chief Ikechi Emenike at Abia State High Court sitting at Nkwoagu Isuochi which he won we have no reason to join issues with Ogah on this already concluded matter, which is now a subject of appeal. He has acknowledged Emenike’s victory and the fact that the defendants in that suit have already complied with the court verdict. 
3. However, we are dismayed that Uche Ogah has resorted to blackmailing, villifying and desecrating the judiciary in Abia State simply because he didn’t have his way in the court.  Again, this is no surprise. He harbours in his DNA a strange chromosome that enables him to blame others for his self-inflicted political woes. That is why he has the audacity to attack the Abia judiciary. Nonetheless, this is a worrisome development which should be condemned by all well meaning Abians.
4. It should be NOTED that as far as the 2023 General Election is concerned, Uche Ogah is not the Governorship Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) or any other party for that matter in Abia State. He was NEVER elected a governorship candidate for 2023.
5. HIgh Chief IKECHI EMENIKE is the Governorship Candidate of APC in Abia State for the 2023 General Election. He emerged through the party’s primary conducted by a team sent by the National Secretariat of APC and witnessed by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). 
6. High Chief Emenike’s Candidacy and the process through he emerged have NEVER been in doubt. That is why he is duly recognised by the national leadership of the ruling APC as the party’s candidate for Abia. The party submitted his name to INEC and the electoral umpire has equally accorded him recognition as the APC governorship candidate for Abia.
7. After losing at the party primary of May 26, 2022 Uche Ogah has been going about calling himself a “governorship candidate” in a morbid self amusement. But he is NOT a candidate of any sort. The desperate politician claimed that he conducted direct primary. He feigned ignorance of the directive from the National Working Committee (NWC) of APC  exempting Abia State from direct primary as contained in a letter with Ref No. APC/NHDQ/INEC/19/022/6. Ogah should, therefore, tell the public who conducted his so-called direct primary. Certainly NOT the National Secretariat of APC. The Committee headed by Chief Tony Obiefuna,which was sent to conduct the 2022 governorship primary for Abia conducted ONLY ONE primary and all the aspirants, including Uche Ogah had participated.
8. When Ogah’s ambition to pick the governorship ticket of Abia APC in his usual transactional manner blew in his face, he hatched another plot to achieve his already predetermined goal of destabilising the party. At about 5.00pm (several hours after the conclusion of the APC governorship primary), Ogah in cahoot with his hangers-on, retired to his campaign office along Umuwaya Road Umuahia where they cooked up figures enough to win governorship election all in the name of primary election.
9. It was at about 12.10am on May 27, 2022 that Ogah’s co-travellers announced him “winner” inside an office along Azikiwe Road Umuahia. He purportedly scored 141, 942 votes! This sham exercise had nothing to do with APC National leadership or INEC. Pray, is party primary conducted by the party or by a desperate politician and his hirlings? Ogah should provide the answer.
10. The so-called Abia Rejoice Media was right when it  stated that the ruling of the Court of Appeal,  Owerri Division “has nothing to do with Uche Ogah as APC candidate”. Yes, he is not a candidate of APC and is not even a necessary party to the suit before the appellate court. Ogah is just a meddlesome interrupter. 
11. High Chief Emenike has been magnanimous in victory. After the governorship primary he extended the olive branch to all aggrieved members of Abia APC. This show of love, accommodation and unity of purpose led to the Reconciliation Meeting of June 18, 2022 held at Ntalakwu Oboro in Ikwuano local government. All the who-is-who in Abia APC subscribed to the peace pact and came up with the Ntalakwu Declaration in which all the hitherto warring groups buried the hatchet and pledged to forge ahead as ONE UNITED ABIA  APC  FAMILY under High Chief Emenike was the Governorship Candidate and Leader with Dr Kingsley Ononogbu as Chairman of Abia APC.  Sadly, only Uche Ogah and his handful of bad apples in the party refused to embrace peace.
12. We are aware of the grand design of Uche Ogah to make himself the bull in a China shop just because he could not grab the governorship ticket of Abia APC. No matter how he tries to veil his intentions, we know that he is playing a script written for him by his sponsors, just like he did in 2019.  But we have to tell Ogah that his script aimed at ensuring that APC would not have a gubernatorial candidate in Abia has already failed. The Rescue Mission of High Chief Ikechi Emenike is on course and Abia would be better for it come 2023.

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